Great Friday

Wow...yesterday was such a nice day.  Most of my students were out of class attending the girls' soccer playoff game (they won!!!). If they win this morning then they go to STATE!  After school I picked up the girls and we came home to wait for Dave.  We  decided meet up with Danny and Ashlee at Lupe Tortilla.  They have the best beef fajitas and a great sand box for the kids to play in.  The restaurant as usual was packed...what a cash cow!!!  The highlight of my day was getting my 2012 blog books in the mail...They look awesome.  I am so happy that I have been pretty good about blogging....all of the digital pictures that most people just keep on their flash drives are in these books as a hard copy...I wonder if the girls will fight over them one day...haha...maybe that is a stretch!

I am 22 weeks 3 days pregnant today...Over half way there...I keep telling the girls that she will be here before we even know it.  They are really excited.  We have a very busy day planned  for today...can't wait!

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