Sunday at mom's

Yesterday was low key. Mom and dad got back to their apartment around 2. Michelle and her crew took off to Arkansas and we kept Madeline. She is so easy. Sophia has already started trying to boss her around...and to pick her up....Madeline (14 months) weighs so much more than Sophia (19 months). Poor little Isabella was sick all day. I guess she caught some kind of stomach virus and I was having to take her to the bathroom all day long. She seems to feel better today. In a few hours we are headed up to Little Rock Arkansas. My mom caught a huge deal and booked 2 rooms at the Crown Plaza Holiday Inn...the rooms usually costs 25,000 points (my dad travels a lot) but they were running a special for 5,000 points per room. I joked and said Dave and I could take one room and mom, dad, and the three babies could have the other room (haha...just joking)...the plan is to wake up tomorrow morning and only have about 3 hours to Branson. We will meet up with Michelle, Morgan, Abigail, Tyler, Tristan, Christa, Brad, Paige, Will, Abby, and Allison.

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