day 3 Tahoe

Day 3 in Tahoe started out with a beautiful hike up the mountain. Everyone went except Dave and the girls because Sophia and Dave were still sleeping. After the hike, Dave, Danny, Ashlee, the girls and I went downstairs to the State Line Brewary for lunch (and beer sample platters). Later we walked to the gorgeous Lake and the girls played on the beach for a while. We forgot to put sunblock on the girls, so we left after we saw they were getting red. The weather is so nice, it is hard to even remember to wear sunblock. It is awesome to sit on a beautiful beach surrounded by mountains and not be hot or sweating. Later that night Danny and Ashlee cooked awesome pasta and we played cards.

We are staying right on the California/ Nevada state line:)

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The Rodriguez Family said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time!!