New teeth

I went to get a crown on my tooth that I had a root canal on a few weeks ago....the dentist decided that it made more sense for me to finally get my last bridge instead of the crown. If he put the crown on, I would have to get an implant where my last baby tooth (that didn't have a replacement) was placed. I spent almost 2 hours in the dentist chair with the dentist finishing the root canal and shaving my teeth down in preparation for my temporary bridge. Needless to say today was not the best. I spent the rest of it in bed taking a nap trying to forget the pain. The girls were at daycare. Dave picked them up and by that time I was feeling better. We leave for Tyler Saturday morning. I guess tomorrow I will pack. I also plan on making homemade play dough with the girls....should be fun. We got invited to go hang out with a few couples tomorrow night, but we decided to just lay low...we might just take it easy and maybe we will order sushi!!!!!

I am still enthralled in that book Unbroken.....all I can say is wow....and I really never say that much about a book....

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The Rodriguez Family said...

I'm sorry you had to go through all of that...sounds really painful! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you (at some point ;)) when you get back!