Daddy Daughter Dance

The Girl Scouts threw a daddy daughter dance...both Dave and Isabella were sooo excited!  They both envisioned dressing up in their Sunday best...Then we find out the theme is "Me and My Guy"...It was a sports theme....think jerseys, athletic gear, girls...

I tried to figure out what they could wear.  I ended up going to Academy and finding a cute Longhorn outfit for Isabella and buying Dave 2 nice Longhorn shirts to choose from...One long sleeve, the other short sleeve...Believe it or not, but my die hard Longhorn husband, did not own one nice Longhorn shirt....he has a couple of t-shirts, but nothing nice. 

They were going while the rest of us went to Christa and Brad's.  The plan was they would stay as long as they were having fun and if it wasn't too late they would head to Cypress.

I was VERY happy to see them show up later that night!

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