I am not normally a bragger....Or at least I
hope I'm not....I finished my course work for my Masters in School Counseling on Sunday....I worked ALL day long....I am sooo happy!  Now, I just will have a few more weeks at the elementary school which I love.

I graduate May 17th in Beaumont, Texas at Lamar University.  We didn't invite extended family because they came to my last one.  This one Dave wants me to walk because the girls will probably remember.  I keep joking that I want to find the fanciest hotel in Beaumont to celebrate!  Haha...probably not going to happen...nothing against Beaumont, but they just don't have 4 star hotels...which is fine:)

I am just so proud of myself for finishing my second Masters Degree....I know it seems braggy, braggy, but I have earned 2 Masters degrees while being pregnant and having 3 kids under the age of 5, and working full time most of the time...I'm just so happy...I can honestly say I worked my tail off...It was a challenge, but I learned soo much....I am grateful for a supportive family.

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