April 29th and 30th

Both days were eventful. Very eventful.

On the 29th, Danny and Ashlee welcomed Kate into the world, my parents came into town, Corrin sponsored Paige for her Confirmation, Corrin's mom came into town, Corrin dropped off and picked up the girls, my dry cleaning, worked out, and we went out to dinner. Dinner in Cypress.

Photo of Kate

Photo of Corrin and Paige at the Confirmation (the photo is from the cheap seats).

On the 30th, Corrin and Christa had their birthday, Corrin dropped off and picked up the girls, Corrin worked out, Corrin took the girls to meet Kate, my folks left town, I realized I'd left my car keys at the office when the bus had already taken me halfway home, Corrin picked me up from the park-and-ride, we went to dinner at a place called Drix (which had a great kids area), we left Drix after we'd had a drink and the kids had eaten (we were the only patrons and wanted more atmosphere), we then went to Christa and Brad's. In Cypress.

Happy birthday honey!

Hopefully Corrin has some photos from tonight. I forgot to take any.

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