I Beat to My Own Drum

That's my little Sophia.

Today was picture day at her school.  I told her she could pick out her outfit.  She did a great job showing her personality.  The dress and bow were beautiful.  The striped tights and sparkle shoes just added to her pizzazz! 

Isabella had a field trip to the zoo today.  This morning she told me she was most excited about riding a big yellow bus for the first time!

I dropped the girls off at school and then did a quick work out.  Finley is still not feeling well, so I was able to run in for 40 minutes and then go home.  Christa and I are still dedicated to this diet/ exercise...we WANT to lose this weight!!!!   We decided to go in together and hire a personal trainer at her Y that will train us together for an hour.  We get to split the cost, so it will run me about 30.00 a session.  This is money well spent when I am SKINNY!!!!!

I got home and took it easy.  I actually started sorting out upstairs for a few hours.  I have been looking for some solution about the girls dress up clothes.  My friend Rhonda has a great quilt rack.  I was so excited to realize I could use the Target toy bin that we won't need anymore now that we have cubbies.  I even ordered a few cute animal baskets for the cubbies...they were pricey, but since we are staying in this house for a few more years, it was money well spent.


Life is SOOOOO good and we are SOOOO blessed.  I feel so much better not stressing about my internship.  I only have 2 more days to help out with testing, but then am done.  I completed my course work so life is great.  

Dave is getting home late tonight because he is on the Katy ISD bond committee.  He was excited to be one of 200 chosen:)

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