Sunday family day

We cleaned the house and then decided to head to lunch. A restaurant we liked and visited often in Katy, Texas Mesquite, opened a Cypress location.

The new place has a really nice, cool inside. Our booth had a wagon cover overhead.

We went on the first day they were opened and unfortunately our order got lost. The girls corn dog was delivered with a solid frozen hot dog, but the manager was super nice and got another one put fast. I ordered fish tacos and Dave ordered a salad. The problem was an hour and a half we were still waiting on our food. Our 6, 4, and 1 year old were ready to go. We ended up leaving.

I'm disappointed but will definitely go back. We always had great food/service in Katy and will just chalk it up to first day confusion. I was going to post a good review on my Towne Lake mommies group, but will wait until I try it one more time.

We came home and took it easy. My brother in law sent a cute picture of our 4 month old niece Kate. A few minutes later Sophia (4) walks down the stairs. I sent this picture to our family.

For dinner we had a wonderful freezer meal. It is called sour cream noodle bake. It is one of our group's all star recipes (posted on our food blog). It was so good!!!

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