Sophia was SOOO excited about her new outfit! She is a DIVA! Dave and I tried to pick out our pool materials! I am still pinching myself and thanking God every day that we are so blessed! Dave and I both are not very good at this type of thing, but we did the best we could.  Did I mention how much we are SOOOO GRATEFUL and BLESSED!
Apparently once the HOA gives us a go (any day) they will start digging.  They are going to simultaneously working on the pool and patio/outdoor kitchen. 


I checked the girls out of school early so that Isabella could have her 6 year check up and that all three girls could get their flu mist/shot (poor Finley can't get the mist until she is 2). We LOVE our pediatrician Dr. Jan Davis at Frostwood Pediatrics in Houston. We love her so much that we keep driving to Houston "the city" even when we live in suburbia Katy or Cypress. 

The girls got to pick out our Friday night meal "steak and shrimp". Our neighbors came to visit afterwards. We love TOWNE LAKE!!!

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