Interesting weekend!

We were supposed to go to our friend's Lake House this weekend. The Griffith's  kindly invited us to their new Lake House a few months ago. We were in the middle of moving and Disney so we had to cancel. They kindly invited us again. Everyone divided meals. Friday afternoon I was loading $250.00 of lake food/ junk food/beer/wine when Dave and Melissa said unfortunately the weekend was cancelled because poor Sawyer was projectile vomiting. I made a split decision that we (meaning me, trying to lose weight) did not need $250 worth of Doritos and Oreos (and other junk). So yes, I was that person that marched back in Kroger and returned a lot of stuff. I knew you can't return beer/wine, but I returned lots of crackers, chips, cookies, cheese. The girl was nice but I know she was judging me:) I returned $100.00 worth of junk food.

The good news was that Isabella was able to make her first cheer game. It was soooo hot!!!

Did I mention is was sooo hot!!! The good news is that our team (the Titans) won. 

We invited Christa and her crew over to watch college football. We also invited Danny, Ashlee, Kate, and the Bryant's to come over as well.

We made fajitas for the adults and the kids got to make personal pita pizzas. We also did a mini cupcake challenge (taste and creativity). It was easy...you just pull things out of your pantry.

Ok...for the highlight of the evening (sadly UT got crushed by BYU, but Baylor won, and I believe the Aggies) as our guests were leaving they saw a huge cow next to our house. Seriously we live in a neighborhood. Seriously it was huge and I called 911. I was in shock!!!!

Did I mention we live in a developed neighborhood!!!!!!

Today we took it easy. Some of us more than others!

I painted all the girls' nails...blue:)

We are blessed!!!!

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