That is what Sophia keeps sayig over and over...she had quite a busy day....her class tried to identify their friends by gender...they learned boy and girl and then counted the number of kids in their room..Sophia was able to identify 3 of her friends....they also tried to locate their classroom by touring the school and finding their way back to the class. Isabella used MS word today to type her first name....very cool.... My day was just as productive...Dave and I are going to try and take turns working out the in the morning....yesterday I left early and he worked out in the pm...today he woke up early ran while I got the girls ready and then I left for school....my plan was to leave school at 3:30, drive to the Kay Y and work out for about an hour...I had kids come in for tutoring until well after 4, so I didn't make it to Katy until 5 pm....which meant no work out....oh well...Today we had a senior women meeting after school....my room was packed....probably 50 girls showed up....they are so sweet and so excited about the club...Today they voted on tshirts...They chose a really cute girly tiger for the front and then they want the back to say "make your own sandwhich"....which to me doesn't really make sense..Christa thinks it is funny.....3 years ago the senior men had their shirt say "make me a sandwhich"...I think that would have been the time to have the girls shirts say "make your own sandwhich"...It just seems weird, 3 years later for the girls to put that on the back...anyway that is about it for today...We are just waiting for Dave to walk through the door:) Life is good....we are blessed!

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