Monday that feels like Tuesday

All day long I kept thinking today was Tuesday. I think it was because last week was a four day week. Today was super busy. I didn't leave work until almost 5....Tomorrow won't be any better...I will get again wake up at 4:30, go to gym, work until 2:30...leave, drive to Katy, pick girls up, take them to the dr for an appointment, and then Dave will meet me at my school to pick up the girls
because tomorrow is Open House...I probably will get home at 8 or 8:30...I am not going to complain...I have lots of time off and I really love what I teach...and my kiddo this year are really sweet....and I have the best Co-teach ever...She is awesome!!!! God has really blessed me! I keep praying for lots of things and people and situations...I know everything will work itself out...My uncle sent me the sweetest email on Sunday when he found out I was upset about something work related....it was perfect...Bascially he said, be the best person you can be....and God sees everything and everyone....and people who do things to further themselves while squashing others will be judeged one day....I just want to be the best person I can be and be grateful for what I have.... Isabella was invited to her first classmate bithday party at the jump house....I am not sure if we will go or not...I guess we will have to see what is going on....she just asked me if she could have a turtle...I asked her why a turtle..."because I like turtles"...she is too cute....the girls and I keep pressuring daddy for a dog...we want one just like Christa's little dog Lucy....speaking of which...poor little Lucy had surgury today...400 dollars later they pulled something like 22 teeth out of her mouth....we didn't even know dogs had that many teeth!!! My friend Tara keeps checking with the lady where she bought her Yorkie Poo....it is a very small, cute dog.... I think I will leave this blog with a small interview with Isabella...she is going to her 3 year doctor appointment so it is fitting..... What is your favorite color? purple What is your favorite animal? horses What is your favorite food? french fries What is your favorite game? people (??? have no idea) What country do you live in? in America What state do you live in? America What planet do you live on? Earth mom What kind of music do you like? I like ballarina dance What is your favorite movie? Shrek What is your favorite tv show? cartoons What do you love most about your sister Sophia? um...I love her Where are you sleeping tonight? In my bed....(me...all night....her..yes) What is your favorite clothing to wear? pink floaties...(me...what does that mean...Isabella..it means we have to go swimming" What do you love most about school? my friends What is your favorite lunch your mom packs for school? pudding and apple sauce, yogurt mommy What is your favorite vegetable- ummm carrots mom

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