Tales from the sink

A few days ago I noticed the sink was leaking water big time...apparently the faucet thing underneath the sink broke....so Dave went to Home Depot to buy another one...While he was there he picked up a new sprayer because he didn't like ours....The first part went great. Easy as can be...the tricky part came when trying to take the old sprayer hose out and replace it with the new one...Dave tried and tried with the wrench, but couldn't get it....he wanted me to give him a pair of scissors to cut the hose (and he warned me there was a great possibility we might have to call a plumber)...I was so proud of myself...I told him to move aside "maybe I was little Linda fixer uper"...I got underneath the sink with the wratched wrench thing, and undid it....score....the sink is now fixed and perfect...who knew an engineer with a masters and teacher with a masters could actually fix our leaky sink....hopefully this will inspire us to do more DIY projects:)

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