P is for patience.....

Today wa
s great...I woke up at 3:30 am and could not go to sleep...my alarm was set to 4:30 so I could go to the gym...since I couldn't go back to sleep, I got up, put my work out gear on and took care of a few "chores" I usually do when I get home...I picked out the girls clothes for Wednesday, packed their lunch for Wednesday, and got their pjs ready for tonight. I left the house and ended up at the gym at 4:45....the weather was AWESOME.....65 degrees...it was CHILLY.....I was freaking out but couldn't tell anyone because nobody was up. This has been the hottest summer on record for about 100 years....poor girls visited the pool very few times because it was just toooooo hot!!! I can't wait for fall, breezes, firepits, football games, gumbo....I could go on and on. I worked my butt off, but in a good way....I tried an activity to introduce economic systems (market, command, traditional) where groups make jewlery based on the rules of "their system"....1st and 2nd period....flop....they just weren't in to it...didn't want to read the directions, etc....so I made a change and made the activity about paper airplanes....There were 6 groups....(2 groups for each system)...Here were the directions: Group 1: Make as many paper airplanes as you can...You will get paid 5.00 a piece. (market) Group 2: Every person make 1 airplane (5.00 per airplane) and then take a 15 minute break (traditional)... Group 3: The group must produce 3 airplanes...(5.00 per airplane)...They may make additional airplanes, but will not be paid for more than 3 (command) The kids really got the point of the lesson....then we took notes and talked about the pros/cons of each system. I read this interesting article a while back (I might have even blogged about this)...but Michel Gorbachev (sp) wrote a book about how he knew the command economy wasn't working. He took a tour of the U.S. and when he was in Houston, he asked to visit a grocery store...They took him to HEB (not sure which one)...and he writes about how much in awe (and angry) he was of the variety....he couldn't believe all of the options we had....and why did his country not have the same.... After school I had a dr appointment. This particular doctor has too many patients and he tends to triple book...the last appointment Dave went with me and we waited 2.5 hours (Dave was mad!)...I was smart enought to bring work to do....2 hours later, I got to see the dr....crazy....I have never experienced anything like this...the problem is, that I don't have time to look for a new dr, so I just suffer and wait....and wait....and wait some more...haha!

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The Rodriguez Family said...

I have a really good doctor if you need her name. You won't have to wait so long either. 2 hours is WAY too long!!!!