Super Woman

That is what I felt like today....it was one of those days where you just can't stop and catch your breath....at the gym by 5:30...at work by 7...teaching all day (actually have fun lessons...kids were really engaged)...left at 2:30 (kids had early dismissal)...drove back to Katy, picked up girls for a 3:45 dr appointment. Isabella's was for her 3 year check up and Sophia's was scheduled because we are worried about how small she is....Picture me, tired, two naked babies in a room with them playing and sometimes hitting each other...overall they were really good...

Here is how Isabella's check up went: All her measurements are good. She is around 10% in weight and 5 % in height. The doctor said she was a perfect 3 year old. She did so well on all of her tests...This was the first time where she had to perform. She had to answer questions, identify colors, count, explain what certain things did...I was super impressed she could point out the animal that galloped (horse)...What do you do when it gets cold (put on a sweater)... What do you do when you are hungry (have a snack)...She stood on one foot. I had a huge smile as she answered everything perfect!!!!

Then it was Sophia's turn. She screamed the entire time...She was weighed, head measured, and height measured...not much change since 18 month check up. The doctor still does not seem to be too concerned because nobody in either of our family are big people. We explained to her that we just want to cover our bases to make sure she doesn't have some hormonal imbalance or something, so she is recommending us to a pediatric endocrinologist. Because there are so few, we probably won't get an appointment for a month or two...Meanwhile, she wanted to have some blood work analyzed.

Then it was shot time...Sophia got a flu shot and screamed her head off...Next Isabella said, when is it my turn to get a shot? I want a shot..So I said, ok...right now...she got the nasal flu spray...then the 2 shots...oh boy...SHE CRIED....I felt so bad that she had asked for this a few minutes before.

Next I had to bring Sophia across the parking lot to get her blood drawn...nightmare...poor baby...then it was 5:45 and I waited for Dave to come pick up the girls at my school because we have Open House until 8:10...I haven't even had time to eat dinner...which is good...less calories...all in all the girls were so brave and did great!!!!

One more thing...the doctor and I talked about the girls eating habbits...I explained that yes, they would eat goldfish if I offered it, but dinner, ect is a different story...she reccomended hiding (which we do)...but she said we should try to remain emotionless about food...meaning not make such a big deal about "bad stuff"...she said it was hard, but we should try...I thought it was good advice....

last, (I know I said one more thing above)...Dave signed us up for Amazon prime...basically you pay 75.00 a year and everything you order you get free shipping within a couple of days...Dave is all about us ordering lots of our daily things on there if the price is pretty much compariable to walmart or other stores...I am all about it if it will save time....our generation is just too booked...I think that in the future more people are going to start doing regular shopping online....we shall see!

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The Rodriguez Family said...

I hope all turns out well with Sophia. She is such a happy baby girl :)