Sick...really sick...

Wow, what a couple of days.  It all started Monday as I was driving home from work.  I was tired but then started feeling really bad.  I just kept feeling worse.  I didn't want to eat anything (which is totally weird because I have been a human vacuum lately!).  Dave was really sweet and let me go to bed.  That night was pretty bad. I had a fever and the chills and was up every hour.  At one point in the night I took a hot bath trying to feel better.  Dave had to leave for work before 6 am, so I had to get the girls ready for school, drop them off, and then come back to bed.  By the time I woke up Tuesday morning, I started throwing up.  Thankfully I have the worlds best husband and kids.  Dave picked the girls up and kept them away from me while I got better.  I ended up staying home today as well because I still felt pretty bad and had a horrible headache.  I am pretty sure I had some type of virus that is going around and just pray that the girls or Dave do not get it from me!

Being out for two days just made me realize how much I am going to appreciate having more time at home with the girls next year.  Sophia has been acting out lately and Dave and I think it is because she wants more attention from both of us.

The girls school has started sending us lots of pictures, videos, and online reports.  I love getting these sneak peaks of what is happening at their school.  Today I got lots of picture of Isabella and "her scarf".  The cute story behind the scarf is that is was Dave's grandma Evelyn's scarf.  After she passed away Dave's mom let Ashlee and I take a few to keep for the memories.  I only took one scarf and wish I would have taken a few more.  Isabella loves wearing her "GiGi's" scarf.  She wears it at night and asked to wear it to school.  Dave said no, but I said, "what is the harm".  Apparently she was quite the diva with it at school!

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