almost Monday....again:)

Saturday and Sunday were great.  The girls had a blast at their 2 birthday parties at the bouncy place and the little gym.  Christa dropped Will off and then we headed to Whole Foods to buy steaks to cook.  Danny came over and my friend came over with her cute son, Sawyer.

This morning I met Christa, her mother in law, Will, and my college friend, Olivia for brunch at Hungarys.  Christa, Olivia, and I are all pregnant.  Christa and Olivia actually have the same due date (July 15)...crazy!  The food was sooo good!  I got home and we just took it easy for the rest of the day.  I had a lot of graduate work to work on.  We did a grocery store shopping and the girls bought candy to make treat bags for their friends at school for Valentines day.

I have a feeling this week is going to be hectic!  Tuesday is the girls first gymnastics/dance class and Thursday is Valentines Day....Life is good!

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