Tuesday the girls had gymnastics/dance.  Their second class was great.  They had a super good time.  Wednesday my boss came into my class to observe me, but she did not stay long because it was the end of class and I just started a short documentary on elections and voting.  She told me she was going to come back Friday.

Friday was go Texan Day.  The girls had to dress up for school.  I put together outfits for them.  They looked super cute.  I think next year I will be more organized and round them up some actually cowboy boots, etc.

I made sure my lesson was really good for Friday.  I had all kinds of good stuff (thanks to Christa's help).  The plan was the last 20 minutes of class they would work on practice AP problems.  Of course my bossed missed all the interactive stuff and came right before the practice problems.  I started thinking to myself, "oh no, what is she going to be able to see"...thankfully one of my students asked a really good question and we were able to have about a 10 minute conversation that was great...then she left....I felt good about what happened...having your boss in your class is important, but still stressful.  Even though I gave my letter of resignation for the end of the year, I still want to do an awesome job!!!

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