UT Austin

We were supposed to head to Austin after work on Friday.  Poor Dave left downtown at noon, drove to Katy (about an hour) to pick up Sophia for her appointment to the pediatric endocrinology (for a check up), drove her about an hour back to the Medical Center to find out that the doctor was at the other location.  So, he drove home and tried to work from home.  He had to reschedule the appointment for next Friday.  He was still working by 7 pm, so we decided it would be better to just wake up super early to head to Austin.

We woke up at 5:30 am and left around 6:15...We made it to Dave's parents house around 9:30.  We got the girls ready and then headed towards UT campus.  We had lunch and then walked around campus so that  Dave's dad could show the girls where he works.  The weather was AWESOME!!! The girls had a great time.  We got to go to Rich's office and it was very sweet all of the family pictures he had posted all around.  You can tell he loves his family:)

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nana said...

The picture of Dave's dad holding the girls hands while you walk behind them is so sweet. It made me cry :)