Baby stuff

Dave and I are so blessed!  Saturday while we were at one of the birthday parties one of Sophia's friends' moms asked if we wanted some baby stuff....I said that would be great...anyway, today when I picked the girls up, she left the stuff for us....wow is all I can say... She gave us a swing, car seat, 2 bases, and a stroller to put the car seat on....exactly what I wanted for this third baby.  With the other two, we had huge, complicated strollers...this time around I wanted something light weight....

Today was good....normal Monday...I am so behind on grading...I need to be grading papers, but instead I am blogging....After work I stopped by Michaels and Target to pick up the girls Valentines day surprise.  I picked up 4 small canvases and paints.  At target I bought a few valentines decorations.  The plan is that I am going to get off of work and head straight home to decorate the kitchen table area, Dave will pick up the girls and they will come home to a Valentine Family evening...we will have a nice dinner (don't know what yet) and do the craft.  Should be fun!!!

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