Can I fit in one more activity!!!!

That was the theme for today....Dave and I are flying to our friend's wedding in Charlotte on Friday.  I have a million things to do, so today was the day:)

I dropped Sophia and Isabella off and then took off....First stop, car wash...the car was so bad.....so bad...and my in-laws will be driving it all weekend, so it had to be done....

Next stop, McDonalds for coffee and oatmeal...Finley and I shared the plain oatmeal and she loved it! I had a 10am appointment and still had time...so I ran and got my eye brows waxed, and then went to Kroger to buy a couple of snacks to bring to my appointment.

I arrived a few minutes early and was so grateful that a former OKE counselor (who is the sweetest person ever) agreed to let me and Finley come over so I could pick her brain and get advice.  It was awesome...She gave me GREAT advice....I stayed a little over an hour and then went to my next stop.

I met Christa at Home Goods (random meeting point)...we grabbed lunch and then she went with me to Charmin Charlie to try and find accessories for the wedding I am attending on Saturday...I have not style...she does!

I then switched cars with her and drove to Cypress to get my horrible roots done while she headed to my house to wait in the "WONDERFUL" car rider line to pick up Isabella...that is true sisterly love....we then met half way, switched cars and I headed to Target to pick up printer ink and last minute items for my trip...then we picked up Sophia....

Isabella advised me she did her last "Eureka" experiment and had half of the items to make banana bread....and Isabella has been begging for shoes with laces so she can learn how...so far we have dodged that bullet...but I bought her some because Target was running a buy one get the second half off sale.

We got home, sorted dinner, the girls made banana bread, I worked on a school presentation....Life is good...We are so blessed...but I secretly can't wait for some boredom time...HA!

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