True Love

True Love comes in lots of forms.  Lately Dave has been doing a great job showing how much he loves me and the girls.  After we got our new dish washer, he decided he wanted to take over the dishes as his chore.  I was happy to give him that:)  Tonight, he took all three girls and the dog on a walk so that I could work on a paper I have due in a few days.  It is the little things...I know that sounds cheesy, hoaky....but it is true:)

Today was a really good day.  We dropped Sophia off at school because she wanted to go.  Next, we headed into town (Houston) so Finley could have her booster shot for her flu shot.  She is 7 months today!!!

Isabella watched movies all day and surprised me by cleaning her bathroom cabinet.  I know it sounds terrible, but I had to work on my paper....I am sooo close to the end line!

We picked Sophia up just in time for her to throw a tantrum in front of her teachers and classmates....good times...this is where I showed "true love" by waiting to spank her until we got home....really I rarely spank the girls....almost never...I threaten it a lot, but never do...but today Sophia threw her tantrum, had a melt down in the car ride home, and then when we walked into the house, she grabbed the pile of mail I just got out of the mailbox and threw it all over the floor....

Gratefully, a few minutes later she apologized and the rest of the day was great!  The girls found pink and purple bandannas (I think from a few rodeos ago). 

At bedtime they all decided they wanted to wear pjs with feet!  Too cute!

On a few current event notes:

They still haven't found that plane.....sooo sad...The Chinese say they may have found some wreckage on a satellite picture.  This search is so amazing.  Thousands of people all over the world are helping in the search by going online and viewing satellites...this is definitely a first!!!!

Other news....There was a little boy who has fought cancer over and over...he is sick and needs an experimental drug.  St. Jude doctors requested a "compassion" dose from the pharmaceutical company. They said NO!  Over and over!  You have to love social media because so much was put out in the press, that the drug manufacturer changed their mind.  I say BRAVO!!!! How can you deny a 7 year old's family like that....

One more positive bit of news...Christa had her 6 month appointment at MD Anderson.. Everything looks great! She is still cancer free and goes back in one year! 

The picture above is her poopping..she is going to be mad at me when she is a teenager..

On a different note, Dave used his allowance and bought the coolest speaker...it is awesome!!!! I have started playing lots of good, old songs..the kids love it! It is portable, loud, and connected by a blue tooth!

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