Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was good.  Saturday we went on a picnic and then watched the UT game at Ashlee's parents house.

 Sunday Dave had a bachelor party (Brad's brother Tom) and so we went to Christa's and hung out/spent the night.
Saturday Christa watched the girls for a couple of hours so I could go to a Quick Care.  I have been really sick and Saturday night it got worse. I lost my voice and just have felt awful.  The doctor did a strep test (negative) and basically just said I needed to sleep, drink lots of fluids, and maybe take claritin.  It always stinks going to the doctor and leaving with no medicine to help you feel better.  I ended up getting cough drops, airborne, claritin, and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Today is labor day so we took it easy.  Poor Dave was feeling not so  great most of it.  I let him sleep until about 1 pm and then he woke up and interacted with us:)

Here is my first world problem:)  I am trying to figure out if I am going to buy Finley a Sophia the Giraffe teething toy...Everyone swears buy it and it is all the rave....my only issue is that I don't want to spend $30.00 on a teething toy....but then I think, this is my last baby and if she loves it....so I shall probably keep thinking about it:)

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I've seen these at Sams but not sure of the cost. Might be worth looking online or going there to check it out.