Cancer hospital

Today I spent the day at MD Anderson, Houston's World Renowned Cancer Hospital.  If you ever get cancer, you want to be treated there.  Christa had a follow up appointment to see if the thyroid cancer spread since her surgery.  The good news is that it looks like she is cancer free.  We are all so blessed and happy!!!!

Being at the cancer hospital is bitter sweet....on one hand you know that patients are getting the best treatment....on the other hand it is just so sad...because most of the people you see are fighting an awful battle....may won't make it...seeing the children was very sad.
Dave stayed at home with Finley and was awesome.  He walked Isabella to school so that I could drop Sophia off at school early and then meet Christa.  He ended up having to pick Isabella up at the end of the day (he got to experience for the first time the wonderful car rider line!).
MD Anderson is like a big one stop shop.  Christa first went and had her blood drawn.  Next we were off to have her neck scanned with an ultrasound machine.  We then had a very nice lunch (even had a bloody mary!) while we waited for her last appointment with the thyroid cancer specialist who was an endocrinologist.

My good friend Misty works at MD Anderson and came and met us...It was nice to catch up!  She is wonderful.  We finally met with the nurse, then nurse practitioner, and then the doctor. Christa asked both the nurse practitioner and doctor about me having cancer.  They both were nice enough to check my thyroid.   They both said I should make an appointment with my primary care physician to get checked just in case....so that is what I am going to do:)
More good news...April got a job in Lafayette.  She will be a manager in a coffee shop...Life is good...we got lots of good news recently.  So very happy!

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