Sunday was good.  I have the best husband ever! Dave went and worked out and then came back and said it was my turn to have my time.  He took all 3 girls to lunch at Jimmy Johns.  One just opened by our house.  They have the best bread!  They sell day old bread for 49 cents a loaf.

Dave picked a few up and we made DELICIOUS sandwiches for dinner.  For a healthy side I cute some veggies.
I rode my bike to the YMCA (3 miles there), worked out, and then rode home.  While I was gone Dave took the girls to Academy and bought Isabella a big girl bike with training wheels...they didn't have one Sophia's size, but Sophia was ok because Dave bought her bubbles.
Dave took Isabella, Sophia, and Molly to the school down the road to practice riding bikes.

I stayed with Finley and watched the Texans barely win and then watched the Saints barely win....I was super excited about

displaying my WHO DAT sign I bought the day before at the craft show.

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