1 Month

I can't believe Finley is 1 month today!!! I am not taking any moment of her for granted because I keep telling myself that she is our "caboose"...we won't have another baby...which makes me sad, but I know I am grateful for my family of 5, or 6 if you count Molly:)

- is a great baby
- she eats about 11 pm, 3 am, 7 am
- she still sleeps most of the day
- she just started noticing her hands
- she pushed off her blanket today
- she gets gas often
- her head is starting to get stronger
- she smiles a little
- still looks like her big sister Sophia
- has strong eyes...I don't even know how to describe it...you can just tell she is thinking by looking into her eyes...and that she is smart!!!
- some of her newborn clothes are starting to be snug
- some of the 0-3 months still seem HUGE!!!!!
The girls and I all stayed home.  I sent Isabella's teacher an email saying she was sick and would be back at school tomorrow.  Her teacher was sweet and said they all missed her!
I am 99.9% finished with the laundry room...I just have a couple of loose ends before I post picts...It turned out GREAT!

I ended up taking Sophia to dance, but Isabella decided she didn't feel well enough to go to her class...poor thing..she lost her voice...

For a soapbox moment...I love my husband...he is pretty awesome...he works with the girls every night with reading and their homework...he loves it and says it gives him quality time with them...he works on flash cards with both girls!!!!

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