Yesterday was REALLY nice...the second time since Finley has been born that I slept while she slept.  You never realize how tired you are until you sleep for hours in the middle of the day.  Dave made the comment that he doesn't know why he is so tired lately...I just laughed...duh....we have a 3 week old!!!
I watched the View and the trainer from Biggest Loser was on there...He said you should eat something small every 3 hours to keep your blood sugar low.
 My snack of choice for a while lately is a cucumber or red bell pepper dipped into the small light ranch containers they sell...yum!

I picked Isabella up and she was SOO excited about her day.  She got to check out a book from the school library.  She was so excited.  Apparently they have book buddies who are 3rd graders.

We decided to stay in and make a fun meal.  We made margarita pizzas on Naan Bread....they were good!!  The girls had a great time making them...talk about easy...we are definitely going to make these again.

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