Well, this weekend went by super fast.
Sadly, my mother in law had a bicycle accident and broke her collar bone...ouch!!!! Christa had lots of health issues.

I decided to take it easy Friday.  It was supposed to rain all weekend so the plan was to not make a bunch of plans.
Christa spent the entire weekend being very sick.  Saturday I picked her up to go to her future sister-in-law's bridal shower at Benjy's on Washington.  It was super nice.  Poor Christa did not feel well.  As soon as we got back to her house she asked Brad to take her to the hospital.  I stayed with Alison and Charlotte...

Christa had them run every test (cat scan on entire head, chest x-ray).  The doctor said she was fine, just had a virus that is going around.
Danny and Ashlee picked the girls up and took them to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe...they had a blast!
This morning she woke up and had trouble with her arms and legs...she got super freaked out and drove herself to the hospital...she thought she as MS.  Very long story short, an MRI later, she has vertigo.  It will last 2-12 days.  She is grateful she knows what is wrong with her.
The kids were all super great this weekend....Dave was awesome!!!
Life is good...we are super blessed!

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