MOPS, Exercise, and New Shoes

Today was GREAT!  I had a MOPS meeting (mothers of preschool children). Christa wasn't able to make it because her vertigo was still bad.  We had a guest speaker who was really good.  The message was that sometimes you envision what your life should look like, but it doesn't always happen that way.

After the meeting I ran home to grab a quick bite and then headed to the YMCA for a quick workout.  Today Finley turned 6 weeks so I was able to put her in the child watch.  She did great!
I worked out for a bit and realized my feet were killing me...Dave has been on me to go buy some new shoes.  The ones I was wearing I have had for about 7 years...I actually ran my marathon in them...they were completely shot.  I decided to quickly run in to Luke's Locker and buy some proper running/exercise shoes.
The sales people were super nice.  They couldn't believe how bad my shoes were.  I told them I just haven't had time to get new ones.  They asked about my socks because they were trying to gauge what I needed...I confessed that they were my husband's socks and I always just wear his...haha...
Anyway, they watched me walk and jog and helped me find the perfect shoes for my feet.  They feel sooo good!!!

They were a bit pricey, but considering I wear my tennis shoes for years and my plan is to work out 4-5 times a week:)
For dinner I made a chicken curry.  The sauce came from a box and I added chicken and veggies...It was REALLY good and EASY!

This evening I got an email inviting all moms to a mommy and me fashion show at Sophia's daycare.  I remember being upset last year because I had to miss it.  Sophia is super excited that we are going to figure out something to both dress alike.  I am trying to find special things for Sophia and I to do together since Isabella and I will have Girl Scouts.

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