Friday Evening Fun

Dave and I decided to take the girls to the La Centerra to
eat sushi and listen to the live band.

It was a perfect night.  The
weather was wonderful and we had the best seats in the house.  We ate our dinner right in front of the park
and then sat on a blanket and listened to the music while the girls

I have a little check list of lots of stuff I missed out
while I was pregnant.  It is fun to now
check them off the list.  Last weekend it
was eat raw oysters.  Yesterday it was
order and drink a dirty martini….YUM!!!!

On a VERY COOL NOTE…La Centerra (which is the town center
about 2 miles from our house with lots of shops and restaurants) is getting a
Trader Joes!!! We thought we lucked out with the Whole Foods near our house,
and now this!!! Life is goodJ

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