Laundry Room Project

Today was good.  I have decided that my laundry room needs a little fixing.  It all started when I decided I was tired of papers (bills, the girls school work) getting stacked on the kitchen counter to a larger and larger pile every day.  I decided I wanted to hang some type of storage for each person...then I started thinking my very small laundry room needed some fixes.  I went on pinterest and looked at small laundry room organization tips.

I met my friend Dawn for lunch at Zoey's kitchen.  She is super sweet and wanted to meet Finley.

 She and I talked about my project and she gave me lots of great ideas.  I headed to Home Depot and Office Max (and went on Amazon)...I will take some before and after pictures after I start.  I am thinking it will be done by the weekend:) I am excited because these are the types of project everyone else in my family pulls off by themselves and I know I can do it.  I bought some paint, brackets, etc...should be fun!

When we were at Home Depot, the lady was super sweet and let the girls see the paint being mixed....they had a blast!
Today Isabella had picture day.  She has decided she doesn't want to wear bows anymore (uh....no!!! I have too much money invested in bows!)..haha..I keep getting notes from Sophia's teachers...they must think I am so out of it...They needed a picture of Sophia by last week (I finally got one to them today....I just couldn't find one because we rarely print our pictures...(I know, a 2013 problem!)...and we ran out of ink recently)... Today the teacher emailed saying Sophia didn't have a blanket for nap time (thankfully they loaned her one today and yesterday)..

The people are very nice and hopefully are giving me some slack with the changes we are going through.
One a funny note...Isabella got in the car after school and immediately said she wanted to go to McDonalds for dinner because it was McTeacher Night...I guess the school probably gets a portion of the dinner proceeds..I quickly had to squash her request because I made a pot roast all day in the crock pot.  She was mad at me for a few minutes...Later  noticed she had a sticker on her outfit (I guess all the kids got one) advertising for tonight...you have to love direct marketing techniques!

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nana said...

Your girls are so cute!!

I'm looking forward to seeing you before and after pics!!