Noun and Angle

Isabella LOVES Kindergarten. Yesterday the letter of the day was N. Isabella told me "mom, Ms. Brooks went around the room and asked us to come up with things that started with the letter N." She was proud to tell me that the word she came up with was noun...I'll admit I was proud...and she knew I'd be...

Today she told me the letter of the day was A...she admitted the first word she came up with didn't start with A, but she raised her hand and tried again..this time her word was Angle...she even described what an angle was...I think she is really trying to impress her teacher.

I asked her what tomorrow's letter was...Dave knew where I was going..we quickly both laughed and then said, yes..it is better that we don't know..she is doing pretty well on her own:)

Christa watched Finley for a couple of hours so I could get my hair highlighted..I decided to try her new girl and was very happy..she is cheaper and I was happy.

I pumped right before my appointment and accident pored my breast milk into Charlotte's bottle...she was not mad when it had to be thrown out!

Today was pretty crazy...Thursdays are going to be like this from now on...Sophia has dance from 4:15-5, and Isabella has dance from 5-5:45...they both loved it and Finley had lots of people cooing over her:)
Life is great!

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