We left Tyler around 3:30 and headed to Dallas. The plan was to spend the night by the airport to catch our 6 am flight the next day to San Francisco. I hotwired our hotel and we were pleasantly pleased.  We got a 4 star Hilton for about 70.00.  When we got there the hotel upgraded us to a suite.  It was AWESOME!  I made the mistake of eating cookies out the mini bar because I was starving.  We then decided to go grab a bite to eat, but I wasn't that hungry because the cookies filled me up!

We ended up eating at one of the previous Top Chef contestant (Tre Wilcox) restaurants in Highland Park.  It was called the Marquis Grill.  IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!! Dave says this was his first "foodie" restaurant.   The service was so good and the prices were very reasonable.  We ordered gnocchi for an appetizer, I  got shrimp and grits, and Dave got some kind of beef special.  He also ordered truffle fries.  Going to this restaurant makes me realize that we need to be more adventuresome in Houston because we live in the 4th largest city with lots of great dining options. 

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