Tim McGraw

Yesterday Ashlee texted me at work and asked if I wan't to join her mom, sister, and aunt for a girls night.  Her aunt Tony had an extra rodeo ticket to see Tim McGraw.  I texted Dave and he told me to go for it!  What a blast.  The concert was awesome.  He played old and new songs all throughout the concert. I think their were over 70,000 people.  I was so grateful they included me.  We had lots of fun.

Ashlee and I went into the expo center where they had vendors selling lots of stuff....kind of like the Nutcracker Market but rodeo stuff.  Ashlee was looking at jewelry...It was beautiful, some of rings were 5 and 6 thousand dollars!!! Wowsers...I told her Dave was lucky that I wasn't really into expensive jewelry.  I love my wedding ring, but can't see myself buying "real" other stuff...maybe some nice diamond earings one day that I can wear all the time...my problem is that I don't want diamond earings until I can get decent size ones...haha...

Dave took care of the girls yesterday....he is awesome as always.  He picked them up for school and then they grabbed dinner.  This morning Isabella said she cried for me last night.  Sophia proudly proclaimed that she didn't cry for me....too funny...they have completely different personalities.  I really feel guilty about leaving them for a few days while we are in San Francisco, but I am excited about an adult trip with Dave.  He is even excited.  We are just so blessed that God has enabled us to do stuff like this. We are leaving Molly at home and the teenager next door is going to check on her every day.  Life is good.  Today we drive to Tyler...I still need to pack!!! Yikes!

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