Finley Katherine Wilcox

Dave and I are super excited that we found out yesterday we are having another GIRL!!!! We want to name her Finley Katherine.  I have to admit that Dave and Isabella were both a tad disappointed that we weren't having a boy, but then they both got excited.  I knew from day one she was a girl.  When I talk to her, I have always said she.  Everything looks great.  She is measuring where she should and has all of her important "parts".  The only minor concern was the my amniotic fluid is measuring average, but on the low side.  Nothing to be too worried about.  They want me to drink lots an lots of water.  Because I said I was still very tired, they asked if I wanted to come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound (as a conservative approach) to check my amniotic fluid.  I said yes, because who doesn't want an extra chance to see their baby?  So, I am making a very hard effort to drink sooo much water.  (At least a gallon a day).  I figure if that will ensure the best, that is not that hard to do:)  Plus drinking water  is good for you.

We only have 2 school days left this week.  We get Good Friday off from school.  The girls are really looking forward to seeing their grandparents (Dave's parents) this weekend.  We try and alternate holidays to make everything fair. This morning I dropped the girls off at school at 6:20 (10 minutes before we are supposed to)..I felt bad, but Dave had to leave for work at 5:30 am and I had a 7:15 am meeting I wanted to try and make....Life is good...will be even better in June:)



Congrats on baby girl #3! I love that we have 3 girls as I'm sure you will too. You come from a family of all girls so I'm sure you can see the positive side. Congrats again on Miss Finley!

The Wilcox's said...

thanks Elizabeth! I was thinking about your family and 3 beautiful girls!