Be happy...live like a nun...

Tuesday is great...one day closer to the weekend.....

Things I am happy about...
- My family
- I have a great job 
- We are healthy
- We have a new baby on the way
- We live in a pretty awesome country...city...have weathered the economic downturn pretty well
- The girls are thriving in school and at home
- I get to be a full time stay at home mom soon....REAL soon!!!!

This morning our principal sent out happy news about one of the assistant principals.  Yesterday he sent out positive news announcing a staff member's new baby.  It dawned on my how appreciative I am that I work in a very positive work environment.  People generally care about each other here and are happy about other's achievements.  When you have worked in other work environments that are not this upbeat, you really appreciate this positivism.  I know it sounds cheesy...because it is...but it is the truth.

I am currently taking a human development class.  This week we are studying middle age and longevity.  I found a really interesting article about a group of 700 U.S. nuns that were studied because they seemed to have unusually high longevity rates and their quality of life was really good well into old age.  These nuns even donate their brains to research when they die so that scientists can study them.  They were a good test group because they live calm, healthy lives....their bodies did not go through the stress of pregnancy and other stressors.  Ultimately they found that people who had upbeat, positive attitudes generally lived longer.  Of course they stayed busy by keeping their minds busy, etc.  This makes me want to start doing yoga or something...get more Zen in my life!!! haha!!!

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