Sick child..

Everything was good at work until I got a phone call around 11:15 from Isabella's school that she threw up and had a fever.  I felt so bad because this morning she told me she didn't feel good, but I didn't take it seriously because the girls always say they don't feel good in the morning and that they don't want to go to school.  Dave couldn't go get her so I had to scramble real fast and try to find a sub to cover my last 2 classes.  I am very grateful for awesome co-workers who helped me out...I owe them!!!

I picked up Isabella and Sophia and took them home.  The cleaning lady was still here, so the girls and I just got in my bed and took naps.  I hate being here at the same time as the cleaning lady because I feel like I should be helping her clean...Anyway, I just hope that Sophia doesn't catch what Isabella has.  Dave is working from home tomorrow so that I can go to work.  I understand that kids can't go back to school within 24 hours of being sick, but it is really hard for working parents.  I told Dave I am grateful that next year I won't have to put anyone out if one of the schools calls saying one of the girls is sick:)

Isabella started feeling better (I gave her tylenol) but then starting running a fever again and was feeling bad.  I gave her motrin so hopefully the fever will break...poor baby.  She just wanted me to be with her so I stayed in bed downstairs with her while Dave (best dad/ husband ever) spent the evening with Sophia.  They read books together and went over letters/numbers.  Dave is so good about working with the girls reading/writing/ etc.  He then bathed Sophia and is putting her to bed.

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