Weekends almost over:(

Don't want the weekend to end! Only good thing is that next weekend we will be in Tyler and then off to California!  This weekend was great...but really short.  Christa asked me to go with her to this private sale she was invited to.  We had a blast.  We met at 7:30 am Saturday and headed over to the sale.  Everything was so cheap!  I got 3 pieces of furniture (80.00) each and a few accessories for cheap.  Christa got all kinds of neat stuff for her house.

Saturday evening we went to Christa and Brad's house.  The girls had a blast playing with their cousins.  Today was pretty much a very lazy day.  I have been really tired.  Only 5 more work days before Spring Break!!! Whoohooo!!! So excited!!!

I did find out this evening that my graduate program has changed.  I was supposed to be able to do my practicum (internship) soon.  Now, they are saying my cohort has to wait until the fall to do it.  The problem for me is that I have access to counselors right now.  If I have to wait (which it looks like I will) then I have to find a school by my house that will allow me to volunteer for 15 weeks (and then I will have to sort out babysitting for the baby while I am volunteering)...uhhhh...I am going to see if there are any exceptions....we shall see!

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