Palm Sunday

Dave and I haven't been super great about going to mass every week.  Friday night Brad said to us, "please take my God child to palm Sunday mass"...He and Christa are so good about going to mass every week.  We made sure that we made it this morning.  The girls were very good throughout the service.  We made sure to get there early because if you are late you have to stand because all the pews are taken.  

After mass we went to Panera Bread for lunch.  I don't know why I have been taking pictures of my food a lot lately.  Last night we ordered pizza from Pepperonis.. (soo good!!!)...Anyway, while we were there I saw a dad, wife, kids, and grandparents.  The dad and 2 kids (probably 4 and 6) were all in their pajamas...Which got me to thinking...Is it appropriate to wear pjs out in public?  Dave doesn't think it is a big deal, but come on...The dad had pj pants on...I think you should not wear your pajamas in public...Oh well, to each his own:)

This afternoon Danny and Ashlee came to hang out.  We were outside and it was COLD!!!!! It has been so hot all week, but a cold front came in last night!  While we were sitting out front (the girls were riding their tricycles) a car stopped in front of our house to try and block off another car.  The guy got out and started screaming at the other car...crazy....bad boys bad boys...apparently is was some type of domestic dispute...looked like a man didn't want a younger guy to go near his house or something...A few minutes later a Constable came to the guys house...we have no idea what the drama was, but it just goes to show you that everyone has drama:)  Some more than others...

After Danny and Ashlee left we headed to HEB to do some grocery shopping...life is good...We are trying to figure out what we are going to do with our backyard...We had a canopy thing that kept shade, but it ruined in the wind a few months ago...We are trying to figure out if we want to hire someone to build a pergola or just get another cover thing for a few hundred bucks...we shall see:)

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