My little Dancing Queens

The girls had dance last night.  They both did wonderful!  Sophia tried to hang on to the teacher the last time, but she was really good about following the rules.  They are both getting so big and mature.

- Tells people she is 4 1/2
- LOVES, LOVES, LOVES school and learning.  She comes home talking about alliteration, dinosaurs, muscles...she is like a learning sponge...she soaks in everything her teachers say and remembers it.
- She is protective of her little sister
- She started making sure her bed was neat in the mornings
- She loves picking out her own clothes for school
- She loves vegetables- broccoli, carrots, cucumbers
- She loves making books- last night Dave helped her write a small book
- She is nervous about going to a new school next year
- She has a crush on a little boy in her class named Denis

- She tells people she is 3 (most of the time, sometimes she says 2)
- She is still telling people her name is "tortilla"
- When I ask her about the baby, she is excited and says, "we are going to change poopoo and pee pee diapers
- We are still working on her not wearing pull ups at night.  She has an accident about 1 out of every 3 days
- She loves Molly so much!!!!
- She loves sweets, but she also likes fruit and veggies
- She is so caring, takes care of her classmates
- Every day I pick her up she makes me hold her up in the window to wave to her old friends/ teachers that she left behind...they get so excited..she is like a little rock star

Little Peanut
- I am 17 weeks today
- I have gained about 8 pounds so far
- I have little energy..have been really bad about working out this pregnancy
- We find out what we are having March 26
- We have zero idea about names for the baby
- I have felt some flutters
- my stomach has started poking out....most days you can tell I am pregnant and not just chubby
- We are all super excited about meeting our baby in August!!!!!

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