Saturday we headed to Tyler to stay at my parents.  The girls were super excited about seeing them.  My dad cooked some crawfish and we just took it easy.  My parents went to a neighborhood meet and greet at the Country Club.  Sunday we just took it easy again.  I was trying to spend as much quality time with the girls, but had a counseling assignment I needed to finish up.  Sophia and Isabella were being so cute.  My in-laws always give us lots of really neat stocking stuffers for Christmas.  I made little goodie bags for the girls to have in Tyler with some of the stuff (lotion, chapstick, etc).  They took turns giving each other foot and arm massages.  My mom had all kinds of crafts for them to work on.  I was real emotional about leaving them, so was Isabella.  Sophia was fine.  They both promised to be good girls!

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