Finley Katherine

Today Finley had her 2 month dr appointment. I still need to take her 2 month sticker picture.

Finley weighs 9 lbs 15.5 oz, 21 inches long, and head circumference is 38 inches. She was about 24 percentile for both weight and height. I was very pleased because I am used to my children not being on the chart!

The doctor was impressed with how good she is doing. She coos all the time, her head is pretty steady, she tracts, and smiles all the time. She has even slept through the night (9 pm-6am) the last 2 nights..(knock on wood!) 

The worst part of the appointment was the 5 shots!!! My poor baby cried like I have never heard her cry. The rest of the day she has been fussy/sleeping. 

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