Isabella's Teacher Parent Conference

We had our first "official" parent-teacher conference with Isabella's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Brooks.  It went very well.  She was very positive and seems to really enjoy having Isabella in her class.  She said Isabella loves school and helps her friends when they are not sure about something.  Here is a little of what the teacher said on her report.

"Isabella is such a pleasure to have in class and seems to really enjoy school.  she works well with everyone in our class and has many friends.  She is always ready and willing to do whatever we ask her here at OKE.  She is always raising her hand to participate in our large group time and works well in small groups as well.  She is a great member of our class."

"Isabella works hard and is always doing her very best.  When working independently she does well and I can always count on her to finish in a timely manner, even when she's social.  She is always good about asking for help when she gets stuck or can't remember what to do."

Apparently Isabella is reading on the level they would like Kindergartners to be at the end of the year.  Her teacher will shortly be putting Isabella and her "other friends" who are advancing together to work on more challenging material.

Her teacher said she can always count on Isabella to work well with anyone she is paired up with.  This makes me happy because I always knew which kids I could count on to work with anyone in the class.  I asked the teacher if Isabella was a tattle tale...she said, not at all...I joked and said I tell her to not tattle to her teacher about the other kids:)

I am so proud of Isabella and how well she is doing in school.  She loves learning, loves her teacher, and loves her friends.  We are blessed!!!

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