Ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream:)

I wanted to take the girls on the Blue Bell Ice Cream tour in Brenham (about an hour from our house) before school started...We went last summer but the girls forgot.  So we went with Christa, her kids, and her neighbors.  The kids had a great time.  The tour is very interesting.  Kids 5 and under are free, so the girls and I had a cheap adventure (6.00)....You go through the tour and then you get a huge scoop of ice cream. I got a new flavor (Rocky Mountain something...chocolate with brownie...SOOO Good!!)...I ate ice cream almost every day while I was pregnant with Finley...I am now paying for it...so, I had my scoop, but am not buying it for the house!!!!

We came home and took it easy...(theme for the week)...Around 5 pm I remembered that I never picked up Isabella's car rider tags...between missing the information meeting and everything going on with just having a new baby, this slipped my mind.  I found the email and saw that today was the last day they were handing them out...the problem was I missed the Kindergarten pick up.  I decided to just pack up the girls and drive and pick it up....They almost did not give it to me...It was one of those..."we are handing out to 4th and 5th graders"...I knew I was kind of being chastised for not "following the rules"...I'll admit, I started to get teary eyed...I just thought to myself "really....I just had a baby, you can't take pitty on my"...the lady took pity and gave me the tag...Lesson learned...Elementary Schools are VERY FOLLOW THE RULES!!! I get it...Normally, I am a rule follower.

I left the school kind of emotional and told Dave I was running to the grocery store to pick up a few things...Dave complained that we have already spent a lot on groceries...I got more emotional, but then decided he was right....I went home and made a really nice dinner from stuff we had.  Everything is good...I am just really emotional because I haven't been feeling that great, I'm tired, and I am emotional...things will get better as I start feeling back to my normal self.
On a positive note, Dave's sweet Aunt Rona sent the girls (all 3) gift cards to toys/babies r us...Isabella picked out a cute stuffed animal, Sophia wanted a Minney Mouse costume (she LOVES Minney Mouse)...and Finley got a play activity mat:)

On a different note, Dave and I have started watching a new Netflix Series..It is called Orange is the New Black. It is about a normal 30 year old who has to go to prison for something stupid she did when she was in her 20s...It is very funny, but very adult only!!!!

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nana said...

A: I LOVE Aunt Rona's name! (I'm pronouncing it Row-nuh... is that right?).

B: I was so emotional after I had Wyatt. It snuck up on me out of nowhere sometimes - and kept thinking, how come no-one told me I would be so emotional?? I kept thinking I had post partum depression, but it was short lived. Just want you to know that I am available if you ever need to talk, cry, vent, whatever!