Happy Birthday Isabella Caroline...You are 5!

I can't believe my little girl is 5!!! For someone who didn't have an "official" birthday party with her friends, she sure has had a lot of celebrations!

Last night I asked Isabella if she wanted me to make her a special breakfast because it would be her birthday. She said "Yes Please!"  She then asked if I would make her breakfast in bed.  I have never done this for her and she remembered being at her cousins house and Christa did it for them.  Of course I said yes because she is such a sweet girl.  All summer long the girls have been awesome and let me sleep in. Isabella wakes up early, comes down, watches tv, and fixes something simple for her and Sophia to eat.  Because she is an early bird, I knew I had to set my alarm!  The look on her face this morning was priceless!!!

I heard from Marco's Pizza today.  I wrote an email to customer service and within 5 minutes the manager sent me a long apology.  He ccd about 10 people on the email (I am assuming this was others in the company he wanted to let know what happened). My email was very nice, but very much the facts.  He said he was very sorry for the horrible service we received yesterday.  He said he was crediting my credit card and wanted to make it up to Isabella and her friends by giving them a redo-- another pizza party...plus if I wanted to stop by and get my 10.00 tip, that was fine as well...I replied that I appreciated the quick response, was not looking for anything free, but am sure the kids would appreciate a redo...Also, the 10.00 tip was not a big deal.  It just made me feel happy that they realized that what happened was really cruddy...and they were going to make it right.  We will definitely patronize them again.

Christa, Will, Charlotte, Michelle, Abby, and Madeline came over to hang out.  Michelle drove in yesterday and left this afternoon.  Michelle and I took the kids to the Cinco Ranch Water Park. They had a great time!
The rest of the day we relaxed and the kids played.

 When Dave came home Isabella opened more presents!  Her Aunt Christa bought her an Easy Bake Oven.  She was sooo excited.  I picked up a couple of small things for Sophia.  I bought her a Hello Kitty Hair Brush because she fights me every day with brushing her hair!

I told Isabella about the plastic charm necklaces we wore in the 80s.  I even showed her pictures.  She wanted one so bad!!! So, I ordered her one from etsy.  True Vintage necklace...She loved it!

Life is good!!!!
4 days until we meet Finley!!!!

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