2 Hour Pizza delivery

We ordered Pizza an hour and a half ago online from Pepperonis in Katy.  Dave just called and apparently the online order never posted...when the lady went into the system she found it...so they will deliver in about 30 minutes or 9:00....good times!!!!  I guess this is really a 1st world problem that I should not be complaining about...

I have been "off" all day long.  I just don't feel well.  The girls and I met Christa, Paige, and Charlotte at the mall to do some walking and to look for school clothes for the girls. I got home and threw up and have had the worst heartburn.  I don't think I am anywhere near labor, but Monday can't come fast enough...at least I will know something by then:)
Life is good...I need to be very grateful...which I am.

The girls were super sweet when we got home...they gave me a foot message to make me feel better:)

Also, it was too funny watching Paige try on clothes...she tried on clothes that looked like we wore in the 90s...not too cute then or now:):)

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