First Day of School

Super excited about today being the first day of school for both girls:)

Dave and I woke up early because the plan was to walk Isabella to school..it was drizzling, but it turned out ok. Isabella was excited to see she was in the same class as our next door neighbor.

Sophia was very excited about moving up to the next class..when the kids saw her, they were calling out her name..she is a little celebrity:)

Finley and I headed to Target so I could buy a new breast pump..the one my insurance paid for sucks..it is not really working and my milk supply is low..since I am in it for the long haul, Dave and I decided I should go buy a very good single pump...hopefully it will work!

I had a doctors appointment..I think my dr accident wrote 2 weeks on my hospital discharge papers instead of 5 weeks..he asked why I was there and I says, I have no idea, you wrote 2 weeks..it was fine..no harm:)

I braved the car rider line to pick up Isabella..by this time it was pouring down rain..intended up being in the line about 45 minutes..I am going to try and go earlier tomorrow and see if it will save me time...

Isabella had a great day! She knew all the rules and talked about everything she did..

Life is good! I have decided to take it easy the rest of the week..haven't really had a chance to since Finley was born:)

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