Wow....all that packed in!

Today was crazy busy....But in a good way, because it is making time go by fast.  The girls and I woke up early and I took them to school.  We dropped off Isabella's cupcakes, goody bags, and other stuff for her class party.

I headed over to Christa's house to hang out because the cleaning lady would be at our house most of the day.  Christa, Charlotte, Will, and I headed to the mall to do a little shopping.  I wanted to buy Dave something small for his birthday (his big gift is a ton of Audible credits), buy Isabella  few small things for her birthday (her American Doll was her big gift) and buy the girls a few school clothes.

Later I picked up the girl and we headed to HEB to buy some groceries.  I was sooo tired!!!

I checked the mail and got the best news ever!!! Sophia passed her test and everything looks normal.  She is producing normal amounts of human growth hormone and her growth trajectory is normal.  She is a petite little girl with a Big Personality:)  We are so thrilled and blessed!!!!

Dave came home and we celebrated his birthday.  He wanted to go to La Centerra and eat at Gramaldis.  It was a lot of fun.  We sat outside and then the girls got to play on the green outside where a live band was playing.

When we got home I gave Isabella a pair of pjs I bought her today (it had a matching doll outfit!)  I found it at Macey's.

5 more days until we meet Finley!!!

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