So close!!!

We are so close!!!! Yesterday we took it easy.  We went and celebrated Paige's 15th birthday.  It was really nice.  We met at a restaurant with Christa, Brad and the kids.  Paige had 7 of her girlfriends there as well.

Today we decided to pay extra special attention to the girls.  We went and had a nice lunch at Red Oak Grill (love that restaurant in Katy...don't know why we don't go more often).  It is an American/ Mediterranean Grill.

After lunch we took the girls to paint pottery.  They had a great time.  They wanted to do arts and crafts and this was the closest we could figure.

 Once day I would like to open a cool craft studio where people could drop by and do crafts.
Now we are just taking it easy.  Counting the hours down until the we can head to the hospital.  I anticipate things will go well. I have started having labor signs...some are too gross to mention:)
Life is good!

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